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Learn How to Prepare and to Search for Family Members Separated by Adoption


Created and taught by an adoptee in reunion


Gather and learn powerful search tools and techniques


Learn to prepare for success and disappointment


Strategies for being successful when reaching out


Advice and guidance for reunion

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Gather all the tools you will need to be successful in your search and learn how to use them effectively.
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Having the right tools to conduct a search is the difference between it taking potentially weeks or months compared to years or even decades.

There are incredibly powerful tools available for searching for lost family. We help you gather these tools, show you how to set them up, and then teach you how to use them.

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Learn strategies and mindset for reaching out and connecting that will maximise your chances for success!
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There is a great deal to consider when embarking on a search for birth parents or children given up for adoption. We are part of an adoption triangle which includes the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents. What one part of the triangle does, especially during a search, has a profound effect on the other two parts. We need to consider this before starting our search.

These considerations can inform our strategies for reaching out and making contact with family on the other side of the veil. We offer strategies for reaching out which can help maximise the potential for a positive outcome.

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Connection and Reunion is really only the first step. Join our ongoing private support group to get help and advice.
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Sometimes when a search goes on for years and years, we lose sight of why we are searching in the first place. We become so focused on piercing the veil and making contact that when it finally happens, we realise we haven’t given much thought to what to do beyond making contact. Are there relationships to pursue? Are there emotions to work through? How do we deal with those who are resisting contact?

Adoptive reunion isn’t an event; it’s a state of being that is always shifting, moving, and evolving- just like any other family relationship. There is a lot to do! Making contact is only the first (big) step!

I wish I had this information when I started searching for my birth mother. Search Find Become is a godsend! I am using this course to find my birth father.